BCNE, Sonicwall and random stuff

Long weekend ahead, it means I will have extra time in my hands to do some studying. It has been a month since I sat my CCDA and I have been really swapped with work since then. Dealing with support calls for work and doing a lot of provisioning training.

I get to play with Opengear’s top of the line out-of-band device the ML7200. As mentioned in a previous blog, best OOB I have seen. It’s an OBB that has multiple access such as dual network access, also has cellular access option. This thing can act as a wi-fi access point as well. So if you have this in your rackspace in a DC, no need to worry about internet just associate to it and viola, internet access so no more wires.

As I was saying, extra time means time to get some studying done. I intend to take my Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE) exam soon. Hopefully within this month. I heard it is pretty easy as long as you know your Cisco well. LOL, last time I believed that was when I failed my BCvRE exam. No sir, I won’t take my chances anymore.

I also got an old Sonicwall NSA 240 at home to add to my home lab. I feel like I am a little weak in terms of my security skills. We are not a Cisco ASA shop at work, we mainly use Fortinets, our customers are either running Fortinet, Sonicwall or Watchguard. Have not seen anyone in our DC use a Juniper though as a firewall, may we have I just did not look enough.

I will be blogging another QoS config I did for a customer this week where I used NBAR soon. They were running multiple services with redundancy and wanting to have priority on SIP, Citrix and HTTPs.

Totally surprised when I assisted my brother the other night set up his wifi at home over the phone. OMG, it feels like being in LAN support. I honestly thought my brother was technical enough to know about IPs and routing. A good reminder never assume anything. Anyway he’s house is now online. He actually just hooked a very long ethernet cable across the street and having problems with his router.

Apparently his router’s WAN is getting the same subnet as what he has on his LAN. We had to re-assign a new subnet on his LAN and that fixed the issue.

Here’s to a long weekend and fruitful study…

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