Hiatus from Cert studying

Its one of those days I feel like I have to force myself to write something even there’s really nothing techie to write about. I know I have been missing alot on how to’s. My highest hits are still on this blog are still from my dot1x auth, unified communication and free radius blogs which I admit really helpful and I myself would refer back to them once in a while.

I am still in hiatus mode from studying and cert taking. Mostly in research mode with CCIE R&S, I’ve purchased my first CCIE related book so far TCP/IP Illustrated. When I say purchased, I meant it is in paper form. I already have the Cisco’s CCIE v5 vol 1 & 2 books but to be honest I still go for the old school hard bound books.

Working on a number of projects at work, in a way its been helpful to me. Last week I was working on VRF aware Ipsec, pretty neat technology as our core network mostly run on an MPLS network. Figuring out a way to use 4G as a fail-over solution, wherein in the event the primary link goes down, 4G connection will kick-in creating a IPSec tunnel back to the customer’s private cloud.

Also this week Brocade offered to foot the bill for their Ethernet Fabric training leading to getting a Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional certification (CEFP). How can I say no to something’s free.

Also ordered and installed my very first Fibre 400/400, well my honest opinion about it, its like glorified NBN. Nothing still beats an Fiber over Ethernet connection with dedicated bandwidth because of the SLAs.

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