an exam away from CCDP

I knew from the beginning it was going to lead into this. I wouldn’t be able to help myself have the patience while I study for the CCIE without being tempted to take another exam. Its been monsterously busy at work for the last couple of months. As they say, we’ve been hitting record breaking sales and provisioning.

This also means being involved in more projects beyond the regular stuff that I do. Really challenging to find time these days to study and focus on atleast a topic. So to get my rhythm going, I decided to book in to sit the ARCH exam to achieve my 2nd pro-level cert from Cisco, Cisco Certified Design Professional.

To be honest, I got motivated to study as well because Jeremy Cioara just released his latest training vids on Cisco ARCH. I would just go through his videos if I get the chance or while I drive on my way to work. So far, ARCH is just a review of CCDA going through an overview of different network technologies and how you can apply them in designing a good network. Hopefully unlike the CCDA I took, it wouldn’t test me much on a lot of unknown Cisco technologies or offering that I have no idea they exist to begin with.

If everything goes well, hopefully, I can take the exam by the end of the month.

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