my CCIE journey, where it is at

Hey everyone, i have decided just a write a short blog before I head to bed and start the first day of December. I begin to ask myself where I am with my CCIE journey. To be honest, its been really tough finding the time to study with all the work loads I currently have and balance it out with personal and family life.

I am beginning to notice all the things i’ve heard from Podcast and videos with regards to what to expect once you decide to take that journey. I feel like I am starting over and over. The moment I get into momentum something in life will come up, had to prioritize this workload or be here or attend to this or that.

I am not writing this blog to give excuses. I am writing this because I am still convinced that I can achieve my CCIE R&S number no matter what. On my whiteboard here in my home office, I’ve written a calendar of topics to cover for each month. Looking at it, I am so way behind of my targets. On the calendar, I am supposed to take my CCIE written exam next month. Tomorrow is the first of December, and I haven’t even master a single technology.

I will be honest, there are times I ask myself is it worth it? But the other side said “shut up!”, it is well worth it. I don’t know any CCIE who said it wasn’t worth getting one.

So far, I haven’t completely stop my studying. I squeeze in every minute I get an opportunity to study may it be while doing the laundry, taking a shower (yep!) or driving to work, I listen to INE, CBT and IPexpert. It can get tough when they try to configure something and I can look at the screen while I am driving.

My background photo on my PC at home is a drawing of an elephant with CCIE written on its body and the words “one bite at a time”. At this point, that’s the best strategy to take while I wait for everything else to slow down.

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