Merry Christmas

Just came back from my vacation in Melbourne. Saw the city and the usual sites, highlight for me was the Great Ocean Road tour which is 3 hours south of Victoria. I would consider it a pretty full on tour and not recommended for out of same people or old age guys who are not fond of fast paced tours.

I have been off the IT grid for a week thanks to week long vacation and I’d probably keep it that way till first week next year. I told myself I just have to give my brain some rest from all these studying and work related stuff and focus more into personal and family stuff.

CCIE R&S is still in the horizon, not really eyeing any other certifications out there. One of the things I learned working for an ISP is that I begin to question where my certification would matter. Do not get me wrong, I highly encourage anybody working in IT to get certification no question. It is just for me, I look at my certification and start telling myself I should stop accumulating them and focus on the big one.

The challenge these days has been trying to find that balance between work, family and study. It has been really challenging for me juggling them to the point the partner thinks study and work is one and the same. So let us say I divide my time to 30% work, 30 study and 40 family/personal. Since work and study is IT related, she would see it as I am doing more work than spending time with the family.

Some of the things I need to work on for the following year would be firewall skills, I know my basic stuff but I still feel I suck at Fortigates. I would be confident to say, you give me any networking scenario that would involve a Cisco device, I would be fine but once you replace that with a Fortinet, it would take time.

I have yet to finish a couple of projects involving wireless technology. I sometimes think, the universe is hinting I should get myself into this technology right after R&S but we’ll see.

Interestingly I found myself into a lot of self-help podcast, aside from packetpushers, I listen to ZigZiglar Show, Art of Charm etc. It is nice to mix it up a bit besides just CBT, INE or any networking IT related stuff.

Anyway this is getting too long. Enjoy the holidays if you do have a holiday and an amazing New 2016 Year to us all…


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