CCIE R&S Written attempt

If you have been following this blog site, it has been my ultimate quest to get my CCIE R&S certification and get that number. Well, I have just booked my exam. Believe me, I didn’t do it because I am all set. I did it because, it is inevitable anyway that I will have to take this exam.

There has been numerous times I would get to study the materials, I basically have all I need in terms of the written exam. I just can’t commit myself to dig into the books and have a solid schedule to study just like how I did it with my other certs.

Since this is the CCIE, I knew I had to do everything differently. This is the pinnacle of every Cisco guy’s certification journey. Booking the exam will just force me to commit to it, no backing out and no more options of opting out. So…here we go ;p

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