and the LAB begins

Since it is inevitable at this point that I need to sit my CCIE RS lab within 18 months, aside from the Cisco book press CCIE books that I already have, I’ve acquired the INE ultimate package. Now being base here in Australia, taking into account the exchange rate I almost fainted when I saw the bill on my credit card. It came to a total of 2,100aud but it came with everything I needed to study for the exam including the lab tokens which I intend to reserve for the troubleshooting section.

It is true, no matter what materials you have regardless if you get all the training materials, unlimited lab tokens, boot camps, it all boils down to you. The time you will be spending devouring all the information and the skills you’ll hon out of this journey.

The moment I got access to the INE portal, I immediately went through the labs. Boy, to be honest, I got confused where things are. Maybe I am just so used to CBT’s format. Instead of setting myself up with an EsXi servier to run CSRv or use virl, I found out that some CCIE passed their lab exams by just using GNS3. Routergods shared GNS3 files of INE labs exercises which is gold!

Now on the downside, I was really banking that work would foot the bill on atleast half of what I have and will spend on the exam. Unfortunately, I am not getting anything which is really sad because I am a firm believer that companies should really support employees for their certs because in the end it will benefit them. oh well.

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