a month in after CCIE R&S written

It is almost 1am early morning Saturday somewhere in Queensland Australia. My computer just power-cycled for some reason after running an INE lab on my GNS3. I am currently studying on BGP particularly route-reflectors and confederation. Topics that weren’t really touched on heavily during my CCNP R&S study.

I must say there’s really a massive gap between the NP and IE level. What do you expect? It is the expert level, gunning for what most people say as the pinnacle of any network certification. For me I feel like its only the beginning. Yes, it’s definitely not your typical networking stuff but working for an ISP, everything I am currently learning is so useful.

A month since I’ve passed my written exam, I am feeling a little pressure knowing that I only have 17 months left to do my lab attempt and hopefully pass on the first attempt. My approach so far is I am not starting everything based off how the CCIE v5 RS blueprint is set up. I’ve started in the middle with BGP as it is of my interest and moving into MPLS which after going through them I can immediately apply everything at work.

Bryan of INE has been really thorough going through each topic. He’s so not Jeremy Cioara nor Keith Barker of CBTNuggets. He’s straight to the point and will bombard you with all the information you need about the topic.

Current challenge is really finding a consistent schedule/routine.

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