Almost there

I have a friend who’s a CCIE R&S and he’s currently working on his 2nd CCIE on data center. He said this will be his 3rd attempt with the Lab in Sydney and I wish him all the best. He did say it took him five attempts to pass his R&S, back then he didn’t have to worry about the cost as it was all paid for by the company he used to work with.

It is a well known fact that passing your first CCIE lab exam on your first attempt is rare but very possible. Most people would say, its all about the journey and not the end goal. I totally agree with it as well. But since I paid for all my training materials including the exam itself (not to mention board and lodging), I have to convince my brain I can’t just afford to have hard earned money to spent on an exam that I won’t pass.

Yeah, there are days I wished my company would give me three attempts to take the exam so I can do what Jeremy Cioara did on his exam. First take was all about seeing what was it all about and the real attempt starts on the 2nd or so attempt. Reality is its not my story, my story is I am going for rare. Taking that number with me on my first attempt.

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