A break from lab time

It has been a while since I last checked in my blog site. Reading through past post and realized I am a bit behind from how I expect myself to be in my studying. Still trying to find that sweet spot balancing between work, family and study life. I am also looking for that sweet spot as well for a study strategy.

I plan to do my first attempt around January 2017, a year after passing my first attempt but that would mean booking my exam around October because of the 90-day booking period. This means I have roughly 5 months to hammer through the topics and labs. If I am honest with myself it is going to be a Hail Mary attempt, but its a choice between booking the exam or re-taking the written exam if I go beyond my 18-month grace period to make an attempt.

I should really start tracking down the hours that I study, it’s a known fact that CCIE passers do between 1000-1500 hours of lab time. I don’t do it by the hours, I do it by the number of labs I do a day which is a minimum of five. Depending on the lab I am doing, currently I am going through the OSPF labs, it will go between 2-4 hours an evening, multiply that by 5 or 6 which would only total to 24hrs/week, roughly 100hrs/month if I am lucky.

This would explain while I am off the radar with my blog. Ok enough of this ranting, need to go back to my studies…

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