Short check-in

Just checking in tonight before I go to sleep and call it a day. I think I have mentioned in a previous blog that I will be taking a week’s leave to give myself kinda like a mid-term big push into my CCIE study. It will be starting tomorrow. I am really hoping that I will get a lot of things done in a week of undistracted (hopefully) labbing and studying.

Last week I have started on Multicast, boy that was really challenging. It was so challenging I thought I was getting into myself into burning out. I don’t wanna tackle that topic during my entire study week. I will probably will get back to it later on or once in a while get back to it little by little and not go full gung ho with it.

I think its really hard to study something that you don’t get to see in production, unless you are dealing with iptv or trading application in the network. I went through DMVPN, QoS and other routing protocol quite nicely because at the back of my mind, I’d know I will use them at work. Actually whenever I get to learn anything new in MPLS or BGP I would go through our core-network and see how it works in production. All the more I actually I appreciate our network and how it was designed.

It feels like going to a bootcamp by myself. I am also contemplating to taking those paid mock lab exams by INE just to simulate how I will do in an actual 8 hour exam. Just the thought of it already gives me the hibigibees.

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