Random thoughts while lab’n

A short non-technical blog just to share with you guys the random thoughts that ran in my mind whenever I go study.

– How much time do I have left before I take my lab?
– Thinking of checking facebook, youtube, linkedin, techexam
– Should I write a blog after learning this lesson
– How would I apply this in my job
– I hope work doesn’t think I am not doing my job well bec I am focused studying
– Is this all worth it? What if I fail?
– You can do this!!! You are what you think!
– Should I stand or sit? Is it time to take a break?
– I am hungry what should I eat?
– Should I be labbing this now, what if I watch the video first then lab
– I am so confused…should I just skip this or change topic?
– I hope my wife’s fine with me stuck in the room for how many hours studying
– Do I need coffee right now?
– Should I take another leave weeks before the actual exam?
– Do I really need to study or remember this command? What if I am just wasting my time remember this?
– Why am I doing this in the first place?

I will probably add more in the future…

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