Back from an EU trip and what’s ahead

I just came back from a 27 day trip from Europe particularly in Belgrade Serbia. Trained a couple of our engineers there which covered topics mostly on our company’s core network and PBX/SIP services. Hence, my months of absence due to preparation for that trip. It side tracked me a bit from studying for my lab exams which now puts pressure on me considering I am left with roughly 7 months before I make my first attempt for the CCIE R&S lab.

Original plan was 13th of February, but with how things are going, I have another trip happening in a week’s time, that date is unlikely to happen.

I have been working on a couple of side projects aside from Entrust’s softswitch and Bicom’s PBX platforms, I’am back to my Linux box, playing with Python and netmiko. Just to get my hands dirty in preparation for network orchestration. Last time I did some deep dives into virtualized networks was when I studied for BCvRE, the NFV for Brocades.

The company I am with will be deploying Nexus 9ks with ACI/APIC soon. In preparation for this I would like to get back into programming particularly Python scripting and using netmiko to do some code scraping and maybe deployment. I have been working on python/netmiko earlier this year but due to my CCIE lab prep I had to set it aside back then.

I have been watching my blog site’s traffic closely (well when I get the chance). Basically the most traffic I am getting are from my how to’s such as how I set up my vmware lab on a budget, resetting a UC540 etc. Ok I am listening, I will be posting more of these how to’s soon. Lol no one is really interested in the high level stuff like BGP IPv6 but once in a while I will still get those posts out for my own sake.

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