Cisco Live, Cisco ACI and cert update

I have been really slacking off in terms of my blog site. It has gotten so ugly to the point I have lost my domain. Really sad, but I will try to sort that out once I get a chance. So what has been happening?

Well, I am in the final months of my CCIE RS attempt. I have booked my lab exam, it will be in Sydney Australia. I will not say when it will be but I will definitely blog about it (if I get the time).

I was at Cisco Live 2017 Melbourne. It was an amazing experience. I got the company package plus one of the training sessions that focused on ACI and network programmability. Most of the training sessions that I have attended focused into ACI/APIC/APIC-EM. Got to hangout with our Cisco AM. Didn’t get to see Melbourne as we were so busy with the event. Got a lot of free goodies from the booths. I saw the CCIE lounge and man! one day they will let me in. One of the sessions I have attended was the CCIE lab preparation training where they actually showed us what the lab portal looks like, tips and tricks on how to prep for the exam. Definitely I took home a lot of tips that will help me during my exam.

The following week, I was sent to Sydney in Cisco’s new Campus, still along Pacific Hi-way. Went through a 2-day power course on Cisco ACI for the DC. I had to specify DC because Cisco’s marketing department did an amazing job between ACI and APIC-EM. Got some hands on experience working on connecting VMs and baremetal servers to ACI. I was actually after having hands on installing, initial configuration of ACI but that didn’t happen, but I did get to see it live during one of the live demos during Cisco Live.

So many things happening at work and cert prep. Anyway, will try to write a blog post again soon if I don’t get tangled up with something.



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