Late Nights

I am days away from my CCIE R&S lab attempt and noticed that I has been becoming difficult to get some sleep despite things I have in place like excercise, taking magnesium, going to bed early. There’s just something inside me that keeps me up and I am not happy about it. Subconsciously I guess this is anxiety. Anxiety of the unknown.

I have made a personal evaluation of myself so far with what I know, I can honestly say at this point, I am 90% confident about the TS and CONF section of the exam. Like I said I will only know what I know and will only know what I don’t know once I start being tested. Feeling confident about the routing protocols OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and how they operate within an MPLS environment. Its L2 that I think I need practice on, IPv6 as well and remaining bits and pcs of the blueprint.

Brendan Bruchard did say “Competence Confidence” mentality.

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