Cisco RV134W Initial Review

We’ll take a look at Cisco’s router line for SMB particularly the RV134V router. First time I heard about the RV line was when I went to a partner select training for Cisco. There seems to be a push on these product line specially for the NBN service, National Broadband Network (NBN) is basically Australia’s fibre national roll-out replacing copper.

Cisco is claiming that this small device is capable of supporting up to NBN’s 100/40 service. That would be amazing considering the features this packs in including wireless, VPN througput of 20Mbps, VDSL2, 4 port-switching, Gigabit-ethernet facing WAN just to name a few. Personally I am just after testing this bad boy if it lives up to its promise of supporting a 100/40 up/down service. As of this writing, I haven’t seen anything on the internet or known anybody who is was able to run this device on their NBN service.

I found out that NBN 100/40 in my area and my company was kind enough to get me an upgrade and I volunteered as the guinea pig to use the RV134V as my home/office router once my NBN is up and running.

While you wait with me getting my NBN provisioned, I will get into unboxing the device.

Thinking it was a mini-proper cisco device, I have connected to it using the console cable and got this. Nothing really helpful in the manual about using the console cable though they did advise to use the wizard. This wasn’t looking promising on the get go…

ssh enable – will enable local lan ssh connection

ssh wan enable – will enable remote ssh connection via WAN connection

ssh show – to verify which ssh options where enabled

Configuring LAN Interface

lan config –ipaddr br0 primary

verify by pinging from a different device on the same lan segment

To know the details dhcp configs on the router

dhcpserver show vlan1

Isn’t really useful or the use of ? when you want to fumble your way to the command.

Thinking it looks like its running on linux that it would accept linux commands like ‘man’ for manual, didn’t like it either.

Disabling DHCP function

lan config –dhcpserver br0 disable

to verify:

dhcpserver show vlan1 and you should see that the dhcpserver function is disabled.

lan show is the equivalnt of show int vlan1 in cisco


show wan – will show you all the available WAN interfaces on the router

show wan interface – its like show ip interface br for the WAN of some sort.

7 thoughts on “Cisco RV134W Initial Review

  1. Do you know how to change the static IP on the WAN? I tried this command
    wan edit service eth0.1 –protocol static –ipaddr –gateway –dns

    wan edit service eth0.2 –protocol static –ipaddr –gateway –dns

    wan edit service eth –protocol static –ipaddr –gateway –dns

    Nothing seems to work to change it.

  2. Those were the commands i was doing i am trying to figure out how to change the wan ip to a static address via the CLI…. i know the GUI is easier although i am trying to make a script to easily change a bunch of them.

    1. Hi Nick, that is the idea as well for us, pushing a script for faster deployment though so far we have been unsuccesful doing it that way.

  3. So so far you havent been able to figure out what wan commands to send? All i have been successful on so far is show commands.

  4. Can’t find ANY reviews on this device. Some questions
    1.Does it run hot?
    2.Is it stable?
    3.Do you think it’s a good all in one device?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Gosh my reply is almost a year old 😦 I do apologize

      To answer your questions:
      1. Yes it does just like any other router so that’s normal.
      2. Stable…uhm just like my previous linksys router I would occasionally require a reboot
      3. For an entry level all-in-one device probably.

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