Jetlagged, cert update and Bose QC35

I just got back from my annual leave for Paris and Rome and it was an amazing opportunity to get away from all these technology and recharge. There’s a little lie there as I still check emails and control myself from basically studying, learning, update myself with whats going on with my field. I did spend a lot of time with social media while I was away and now the addiction has returned and looks like I need intervention to get me off it which includes eating too much (again).

I have no issues with long flights as I take long haul flights at least once a year but a 20+ hour west to east travel always endangers me of horrible jetlags. I used to encounter this travelling back from the Philippines or Australia back to the US years ago. I get jetlagged that would last for at least a week. Last year when I went to Belgrade and flying back to Australia wasn’t that bad as I spent most of my waking hours late nights which would be Australia’s day time so going home, jetlag wasn’t a problem.

I am still trying to figure out how to go about this considering I need to go back to work tomorrow (as of the time of this writing). It is training week which means I would need an alert mind as I would be training new people this week.

Since the annual leave is done and dusted it also means I need to get my focus back into my CCIE lab attempt. While I am at it I am planning to take a CCNP Route exam to renew my CCNP RS and CCDP for another 3 years together with everything below it. I need to make haste with all these studying even I still have a few months left before I get hit with a project at work that will require a lot from me.

I am pursuing my CCNA Security as well, have subscribed to ITPro TV as it is way cheaper than CBTNuggets but so far I am really getting what I paid for, let us just leave it as that. I do have the INE CCNA Sec videos, it is complete I give them that but I think I am struggling with understanding the instructor I know he’s amazing and CCIE Security certified but there’s something about it is presented that doesn’t work for me.

As a father’s day + advance Birthday + Christmas Day gift I got a Bose QC35 wireless headphones. I have always wanted to have a noise-cancelling headphones as I tend to take a lot of flights and datacentre visits, not to mention the noise of mowing my lawn once in awhile. Even with normal headphones the buzzing sound of thousands of networking devices or the hum of plane engine is not pleasant at all. The QC 35s are not cheap as it is the best of its class hence it is the one gift I will get for all the reason of receiving one 🙂

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