Battling with consistency

Jerry Seinfeld was once asked by a budding comedian for advice as how to become a great standby. Jerry simply answered, all you have to do is write a joke every single day. Every time you did this mark an “x” on your calendar. Do this consistently until you create a chain of x’s for a week and without you knowing it you’ll be good in your craft.

I tried applying this in my studies reviewing for my CCIE RS lab (retake). I am sad to report that it has been difficult for the last couple of days. Just came from Sydney, pulled an all nighter working in the datacentre. For a moment I told myself, I am getting too old for these things. I am not in my mid 20’s where this would be nothing but that day when I entered the datacentre at noon time thursday, went to my hotel to rest, came back at 9pm and next time I got out was 7am, it felt horrible.

I don’t know what I was thinking, I didn’t bother to get an Uber to drive me to my hotel which is still a good 40min walk away, instead I opted to, you guest it, walk. Upon my arrival, the front desk person looked at me as if he’s trying to figure out if I just came from a drinking party as stared aimlessly into nothing.

Since my checkout time is at 10am, I asked if I can extend for another hour as I haven’t touched my bed since I arrived the day before. He agreed and ended his statement with “have a good night’s sleep”, that was 7:30am.

I took a quick shower, then laid my tired body to my king size bed. Closed my eyes and woke up to the sound of a raging jackhammer from the lot next to the building. Checked my clock and yes! its 8:30am. I forgot to mention my day isn’t done, in fact, its another day to go back to the datacentre and do something else. Since its useless forcing myself to sleep with all that noise, I’ve decided to pack my stuff and checked out at 9am.

Went into the DC, did my thing, rushed to the airport, having a flexi ticket I’ve booked myself into the next available flight within the hour. Everything from then on became a blur. To be honest, I vaguely remember being picked up by my Uber as I woke up it was night time, I was in my bed at home.

Now what does this DC story got to do with my consistency or my CCIE prep? Everything! It is a rant blog, you probably have guest it from the get go. My body is still recovering from it and can’t get into the studying state. Checked my calendar, it doesn’t look like I have a chain of x’s, it has become a constellation of x’s where one has to figure out if its trying to create a pattern of some sort.

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