UiPath Studio first impressions

It is 1am basically Monday morning. I have just gone through the first section of the course and started on the next one. I was probably so excited that I couldn’t sleep and all I can think of is learning as much as I can about this software.

There is no time limit on the end of chapter exam and unlimited attempts though I read that after 3 attempts you would have to wait 24 hours to give students time to review the material. I failed on my first attempt and had to retake. I realized that the questions on the first sections were mostly taken from the following section which you won’t have access until you pass the exam. The search function on the academy’s website became my friend.

For a few hours I get to play around with the GUI, I can’t help but reminisce my university days doing programming using Visual Basic 5.0. The look and feel is pretty much the same. Everything is drag & drop with properties windows. Hence it feels home to me.

  1. Ribbon – this is basically your menu bar set in tabs. It has 4 tabs namely Start: To start a new project, Design: basic menu like new, save, run. menu where you’ll do the recording, data and screen scrapping and user events etc basically the whole meat of this application, Execute: running and debugging your workflow and Setup which is like properties in your apps and where you can find the web browser extensions.
  2. Activities – where it lists the objects for your workflow, e.g. dialog box, conditional statement box, message box etc.
  3. Workflow – this is where you place your objects dragged from the activities section such as flow charts, sequences, dialog box etc.
  4. Variables – displays all the variables that is being used inside the flowchart or sequence.
  5. Properties – displays the property option for an object in your workflow.
  6. Outline – gives you an overview of your workflow and objects under each flowchart or sequence.

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