Designed for Greatness

Its Sunday and my typical morning would be to go for a quick walk/run, look after the garden and go to Church. Be home by lunch, the rest of the day would either be back to the garden if nothing out of the normal is happening and prepare whatever needs preparation for the beginning of the week.

One might argue, why would I be thinking of work on a Sunday? Which reminds me of another question I received another day about being content with my previous job whom I have left just have eight months of being employed and jumped into a Solutions Architect role.

Here’s my simple answer, my goal is I need to be a better version of myself 365 days after. I believe that if I want to live life to the fullest, to be happy and successful, I need to improve on my health, relationship, skills, finances etc. As good as what life seem to be now, in a year’s time it would all be obsolete. Pretty much like technology.

What has this got to do with preparing for the week ahead? By preparing ahead of time of the things I can do ahead of time, I am setting up myself for success. I decrease the chance of being reactive and be more pro-active with work and life. Like what I’ve previously learnt in cooking school, its all about the prep. Ideally the preparation for cooking a great dish takes longer than the execution of actually cooking it during service time.

Going back to the question of contentment. We should know by now, we are not designed to be content. I may not know your journey but I have an idea where I want to take mine. I have this urge to put myself in stretch moments and when opportunities arise to have them I go for it. I could be a Network Engineer until I retire or be happy managing a group of Network Engineer but I know I am not just designed that way.

We are all designed for greatness, to what extent is what I am trying to find out for myself every single day.

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