Journey into Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

The other day I was fixing my laptop that was running my asterisk setup, it was installed over Fedora it just works so well that I have not bothered to log into for months.

Returning from my trip to Japan trip, I’ve decided to play with it and after a reboot, it never came back to life. I spent the day researching on-line for the solution but was not successful. I’ve decided to rebuild the system but mid-way changed my mind again and instead downloaded Ubuntu server.

Rather than do the old school bare-metal install, went for the usual vm workstation approach. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a great odd feeling getting into the CLI like feeling. Since becoming a solutions architect which entails doing a lot of pre-sales work and number crunching, it has been awhile since I’ve touched a Cisco device apart from the devices I have in my home lab. So installing linux was very refreshing.

This then led me to the idea of creating content despite there are tons out there regarding linux and who have done it for years. At least if you are like me, have decided to get into the journey of (re)-learning Linux particularly Ubuntu server, this is a great opportunity. I still need to figure out if I will create youtube content. It takes (a lot of) time creating YT content for me especially if it entails doing screen captures.

It is a great segway into programming as well like Python that may eventually lead me back into network programmability as what I’ve initially started way back.

So…here we go then.


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