Delan’s CCIE season 2 v1

Preparations are on the way for the new CCIE Infrastructure v1 lab exam for 2020. I don’t have an exact date yet but I am so looking forward doing the next attempt after a very heart breaking initial attempt almost 2 years ago.

Without going into 2 much details, one of the major changes for the new CCIE is there’s no more written exam. As long as you have a valid CCNP RS after Feb 2020 you are eligible to sit the lab exam. Looking at the syllabus the big addition is the network programmability section which is 15%.

Instead of the usual 3-part exam, its down to the original 2-part exam which is tshoot and configuration. I am just glad I had the chance to get trained in ACI, Viptela back with the previous company. At least I have the bare minimum experience what they are and how they operate.

I am currently going through DevNet tutorials, so far…well…Let’s just say I am trying to convince myself anything new I am going to suck until I get some decent traction. Most of their labs in my opinion is sort of all over the place and still trying to get my git-bash/python setup sorted at the time of writing.

Ok let me get back at it. A few hours have already been spent trying to sort out an error I keep getting on my git-bash which looks like I’ve sorted by doing the uninstall-reinstall trick.

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