Embrace the suck

Last month of summer here in Brisbane, Australia. After a series of bushfires and heavy rainfall reaping havoc in the state, it has finally calmed down. Aside from that, everyone’s back to work for a month from the Christmas break and everything is running full steam ahead again.

This year I have RE-started a passion, I’ve been playing table tenning again. Last time I played an actual scored game was back in the Philippines. It got re-ignited when work has a table tennis table and a gym on premise. How convenient is that?

Anyway obviously being the relatively “new” guy playing among the engineers who’ve been there for years playing table tennis. I suck! Like really suck. I couldn’t return a serve properly, could not get the ball across when I serve. Since most of the games were played in doubles, no one really wants to be partnered up (me) with a newbie where chances of us winning is slim close to zero.

Determined to be up to speed and be useful to whoever gets partnered up with me, I started investing in learning the game. Over Christmas, I invested on my own table tennis, bought bats, even got myself a robot, convinced my wife to occasionally played with me even to join me for a beginners class at a local table tennis club once a week.

I have improved though it still suck in comparison to the guys at work but the longer I play, practice and stick with it eventually I will get there.

I am always reminded when I started out my career here in Australia moving from the United States. I knew it will suck. I anticipated it will take time, resources, perseverance and patience with myself but eventually I will get there.

When I decided to pursue IT Networking from System Admin, I bought my first Cisco kit from ebay. I stacked them on milk crates and spent hours learning every command and annoying my CCIE friend even late at night for some answers to some silly questions (thinking about it now). My wife who endured everything in the process, I will be forever grateful for.

Worked my butt off until I get to managed a team of Network Engineers for a MSP/ISP, moved up from one company to another. Now I don’t do OPS and more into Pre-sales and Solutions creation. Every new job or situation I am subjected to the “suck” feeling. It keeps me grounded, It keeps me forever being a student.

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