Uncertain times…

It is almost midnight and I’ve just spent a few hours watching and reading the news regarding Novel Covid-19. We are definitely in unknown territories in terms of fighting something that no one sees.

Three weeks ago, the family and I were supposed to have our overseas trip to South Korea for 10-days. Amidst a pending crisis of Covid-19 cases reaching 800+ at the time, we have decided to went ahead and take the trip. The evening before the trip, we received an email notifying us that all flights to S. Korea has been cancelled. We were given the option to either get a full refund or rebook our trip, I chose the latter and get it moved later this year. It was like dodging a bullet there as the cases of infected rise all the way to 8K+ at the time of writing.

My folks were scheduled to fly over here in Australia for a 2 month visit, with the number of cases still rising around the world. We then again made a decision to move forward their flight 2 weeks earlier. At the time we re-booked their tickets, the Philippine government imposed a community quarantine within the Capital Region a week and a half before my parent’s flight. As they were living outside the Capital this means they might find it difficult to get into the city on the day. I have convinced them to immediately moved to my brother’s house and stay with them until the day of their flight.

Over the weekend, the Australian government has issued that it will mandate all incoming people including citizen from any country to go through self-quarantine for 14-days upon arrival. This includes everyone that will be staying with them within the household. Obviously this means, once my folks arrive and stay with us. We have no choice but to self-quarantine  ourselves with them.

This means stocking up on food supplies good for 2-weeks. Giving a heads-up at work that we have to work from home.

Went to the groceries this afternoon and there were empty aisles. At this point, we would just have to check daily hoping they’ll restock so we have enough in preparation for that 2-weeks.

In all honesty it can be stressful. I told my wife and colleagues the other day, I don’t remember a time when I couldn’t predict anything the following day. I couldn’t even imagine what it’ll look like when this virus dies down. All I can do is just hope and pray…


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