Turn of events

It is 4:30am end of the weekday Friday. I’ve written a few days ago I am expecting my folks to arrive this morning. However, due to the ever growing concern and spread of this new corona virus things can easily change everywhere.

A day after a booked a one-way ticket for my folks, the Philippine government changed their minds to lift the 72-hour banned on international flights outside the main island. All except locals with tourist visas can be allowed to get out of the country, tourist visa would be my folks. Amidst all our efforts to keep them safe, the country (Philippines) made it impossible for them to get out.

The dillema now, for my folks atleast, is them living with my brother and his family indefinitely until all these chaos subsides. Parents being my parents don’t feel at ease with the arrangement as they don’t want to be a burden to my brother. I get it but it outweights the risks and emotional worry they will put everyone through by going outside the main city.

In the meantime, as of 9:00pm tonight Australia will close off its borders to all non-citizens and residents for an unknown period. With all these changes or restrictions being made, they are hinting it would be a minimum of 6-months of implementation.

With no signs of this health calamity ending anytime soon, all we can do is stay calm, hope, pray that all will be well.

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