Missed the plot…

It is almost the end of the 2nd week of our work from home scheme as we wait for this pandemic to bend the curb eventually flattening it as soon as possible. I look at the stats regarding the web traffic visit on my site and noticed most are still going about the usual topics on networking.

In the meantime, I keep my blog updated with my thoughts. I just couldn’t get myself to write anything useful in a technical sense. I am in no way compelled to write anything technical. Just a little overwhelmed by the thought of whats going around.

I looked at the screensaver on another screen here in my home office. It goes through photos of different places around the world that I’ve either visited and wanted to see in the future. With the current situation, it would be most likely it will be a while before I even get myself on a plane flying anywhere outside the country.

Most of the work at the moment are preparing for communications design for the hospital as the state is preparing for the worst to happen. The country is sort of on a lock down with mostly everything closed off from cinemas, indoor and outdoor sports areas, sporting events are either cancelled or postponed. The government are doing everything it can to discourage people not to congregate while not making it look like we are in a complete lockdown.

People if they want to can technically drove into parks, beaches or any open area without getting arrested. Most likely the most you can experience is be frowned upon or worst someone taking a video of you and post it on social media. Boom! overnight stardom if it goes viral and gets the government’s attention.

In the US, Trump seems to be living in lala land like some Filipinos when they were calling the government to do mass testing for everyone despite knowing they don’t even have the capability to care for covid patience let alone get millions do pro-active testing. Anyway, as I was saying, Trump just said he would want the country to be open by Easter which is roughly three weeks away. He imagined businesses opening up and people going to churches celebrating easter. Assuming a miracle does happen, I will probably starting thinking he’s either the messaiah or the anti-Christ.

I don’t feel comfortable having people around the house for now. My daughter and her boyfriend will be going to the house and have lunch. In my mind, they, including my wife probably missed the plot of encouraging everyone to stay at home. Knowing that people can go around not feeling a thing and could still be a carrier without them knowing brings chills in my spine. I am not saying I don’t trust them but I would rather be paranoid in this instance than either finding my wife or myself either with a ventilator or isolated from each other for weeks.

I just could not afford that. I would rather bunker myself at home doing work. Helping my company provide solution to Queensland health. I may not be working in as frontline like the health workers but I am part of something important. Getting me sidelined, be in critical conditioned or worst die is not the ideal scenario. I want to see this thing  through.

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