The New Normal

I am getting a hang of this new normal. If you are new to my blog then welcome. If you have been regularly following this website, the format has changed a bit for the last couple of months. From IT how-to’s I have temporarily shifted my writing more into insights particularly since the start of the year when things have changed drastically for most of us.

The new normal for me is waking up early mostly before 5am, get up, drink a glass of water, prepare my drink of C4 pre-workout. The moment I get that C4 into my system, I have 30mins to do my 5-minute journal, go through my to-do list for the day via Todoist (my favorite app to date), get on my sneakers and its either go hike up Mt Gravatt or just hop on my eliptical to hit atleast 8Kms.

Take a shower, breakfast, fix myself some coffee and head to my home office. If you have seen some of my youtube videos, you’ll have a good idea what it looks like. It pretty much looks the same except that most of the monitors are being powered by the office laptop.

Check the email, going through my MS Planner usually before 8am. By eight, I type in “good morning” to greet my team at work via MS Teams and its like the unspoken action meaning I’ve clocked in. My outlook calendar would typically be filled with back to back meetings including invites steam rolling through my pre-set focus time.

Yes this is my new normal, depending on how busy the day is the deadlines to meet, the end of the day may extend all the way til the sleeping hours. I am not complaining, everyday in all honesty I am in full gratitude thinking atleast I am not one of those guys that got stood down or let go because business is not doing well. In fact, it has been busy and I’m not seeing any slow down happening so far.

The best part about it, is despite the busy schedule I am learning a lot more in warp speed being at home. I get to focus to the point I had to intensionally create a timer to alarm every 45minutes to tell me to pause. I could get into a state of flow for hours and this can not be good for me.

I am expecting that everyone might be called back to work within the next month or two. If you ask me now, I don’t see the value to going back to the office if it means I will get constantly distracted. But who knows. All I can do at the moment is enjoy, work and hangon at this ride.

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