Breaking Promises

It is true promises are meant to be broken and I think I have been breaking them (almost) everday. I promised myself to eat healthy, exercise almost everyday, learn something new each day, get my CCIE RS (now renamed Enterprise Infrastructure), water my plants regularly.

But here I am still striving every single day to get to those promises I made myself. As Scott Adam puts it, systems are better than goals to achieve success. I think of it as like playing basketball, the measurement of success is winning the game, advancing to the finals and bringing home the trophy. You do it by shooting each “goal”, pun intended. It’s the system that the team put in place, system of practice, offence, defence and everything else to make a formidable team.

That is what I try to apply now, gone are the days of aiming for goals but putting system in place. Having the least amount of friction to get me into a habit. This may look like having my vitamins and supplements by the diner table to remind me to take them after each meal, it’s having my rubber shoes right next to the eliptical so I can easily put them on, it is having my diary right next to my PC to trigger a reminder to write. It is putting in photos of the things I want to achieve as my screensaver instead of putting up a physical dream board.

As for getting back to my CCIE study, I will be honest, it is inconsistent and still need to have a system for it. Lately I have been asking the question why do I want it. The reason has been inconsistent which reflects my response to putting a system to it.

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