Mid 2020

Ever since the lock down, I realised all the more I have been inconsitent with everything, from my next certification, learning new things, even personal relationships as if it just haulted and the only one that kept going was work.

I was worried that work will be unstable during these times but it was the opposite, it has been full on. There was a number of weekends that I had to lose just to get something across. It was almost like last year where we were rushing towards the end of financial year.

Traffic to my website is still driven by how-to’s which makes sense and I still need to put up my next one. I guess that is really my niche.

On the certification side, I am preparing for the Azure-900 certification after getting a voucher for attending an online training. I have started creating flash cards for it. Definitely this will not be another CCNA CyberOps experience where I had the training but did not take on the exam which was a missed opportunity a few years back.

As for my youtube channel which revolves around my CCIE journey, playing with the idea of changing the format but we’ll see after I go through all the other things I need to update for now we’ll start with this website.

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