Sleepless maybe due to keto

I just press the start button on my iPhone’s stop-watch to start the timer of fasting and the mark of my last meal for the day. Today I fasted for at least 17hrs again before I enjoyed my first meal of sautéed mushroom, spinach and two eggs.

It was also my doctor’s appointment since 2 weeks ago. He checked on my weight which confirmed I was losing the kilos. I did mention I was doing a combo of his 5:2 and keto, obviously Intermittent fasting as well. I showed my macros on fitness pal app, seeing the 80% fat macro prompted him to say he won’t be doing any blood tests on me for at least 3 months since my cholesterol are going to give really high results which would not be good for my medical record. As long as I am seeing the results I should be fine. My doctor also changed my hypertension meds to something else.

With a shorter feeding window I was able to get some food eat like protein bar, celery sticks with guacamole dip,Tbps of peanut butter, bacon strips and some beef steaks not to mention bullet proof coffee. As I write all these down, I am curious what the scale would look like tomorrow. Energy level was excellent. No brain cloud at all just occasional boredom during the mid afternoon.

I did forget to mention that I had terrible sleep last night. Definitely it wasn’t even close to five hours of sleep. Hopefully tonight I will get better hours. I am not sure if that’s just due to keto or something else but for a time it really bothered me.

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