Bored with food

Something interesting happened today, I got bored with food.

Maybe its the fact that I am missing the sugar rush from carbs and straight up sugary foods, it has been either days or weeks since I’ve actually had something with sugar, rice or grain. It is just the fact that when I had my first meal after 16hrs of fast that I lost my appetite or craving for anything. I am not sure if that is a good thing but I’ve lost interest in cooking anything or crave for anything.

Sure all day I was telling my wife I want her keto cheese cake but deep inside I am not really craving for it. I did Keto carbonara which is typically one of my favourite dishes to eat with regular paste. Today I had it with Konjac Fettucini but after a few bites I felt like I was eating for the sake of eating. Today seemed like force feeding myself with the fear of getting into a low deficit that my body would get into survival mode and start holding on to the fat. But then again I am still far off from hitting my first goal.

Come evening I did have Kafir mixed with dark cocoa powder and a small cheese but that was it and before I end my feed, I cooked the left over ground beef in the fridge with onions and tomatoes, really simple but filling.

Maybe this boredom of food can help me tomorrow during my 600Kcal day tomorrow. More than any day, its Monday and Thursday that I needed that food boredom to hit me.

Work performance wise there was no instance of brain fog, in fact I was fully alert the entire day which is amazing. It even helped that I did some mountain hike in the morning to set me up for the day.

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