Just thinking of food

Father’s Day happened yesterday here in Australia. Spent the evening with the family and had dinner at Grill’d. Apparently they can prepped your burger, in my case, my Wagyu burger to be Keto friendly. They’ve removed the sauce, I’ve added avocado and an egg and it was awesome.

After that, went home and was too keen to have a slice of my wife’s keto cheese cake. Best meal I’ve had so far this week. My last meal was close to 8pm and the following day it was my 5:2 day meaning I am limited to 600Kcal again as it was a Monday.

So today Monday, started off the morning with weight training while listening to Martin Garrix’s set at Ultra. Then gave myself some bulletproof coffee to start my day. My meal plan prep is on the kitchen bench to be consumed by lunch and dinner. This composes of eggs, sardines, tune, magic noodles and spinach.

My weight today went back down to how it was 2 days ago, it has gone up by a kilo but after yesterday it was down to 103.7Kgs. I am assuming being 5:2 day I am expecting good results by tomorrow morning.

However, today I have been just thinking of food the entire morning. I am not really hungry…or maybe I am…I am not sure. Now I am having my black tea to sustain me til lunch. It is weird thinking about food. It can be sometimes distracting but my mind is still pretty switched on and not foggy.

Let’s see how I go…

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