1st 24hr fast

Yes I have finally done it! My first 24hr fast done! Started at exactly 5:30pm Sunday and ended 24hrs the next day Monday. Nothing earth shaking, there wasn’t any of those none sense thoughts that I will die or feeling dizzy. In fact, I was even curious if I can push it a little further but I guess that can be done on another day.

No hunger pangs, the entire day I was just taking in water, coffee and tea. By the time my 24hrs was up, I was already preparing to cook dinner and started off with some bone broth to ease myself as I break my fast. An hour later I enjoyed my first and only meal for the day which is sautéed bitter melon with tomato, onion, garlic and egg. Added a few pork cracking, it was heaven.

I was able to finish 2 bitter melons without a need for dessert. I was satisfied with what I had so far no weird stomach side effects.

However, today I added something new again to my biohacking stack. My lyfcycle biohacking kit just arrived and I tried out Lion’s mane. I don’t know if my brain is all of the sudden switched on because I am usually sleep by 10pm but as I am writing this blog I am sort of fully awake. I am unsure if its Lions mane has caused it.

Tomorrow I will be trying out the rest of the extract and will start observing. Fun times ahead.

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