1 month into Keto

A month later and I have released at least 8Kgs and plenty more to go. I have accepted my new normal and it gets easier with all this WFH setup making it convenient to control what I eat and at what time.

Blood pressure has normalised for the first time though I have yet to see it down without taking any medications.

Food craving so far has been minimised to zero on some days. I have been thinking of food but I couldn’t really tell what food to I really want. It’s actually more like playing with the idea of what keto recipes I could try out. Still thinking of doing that Keto chocolate flourless cake I saw on YouTube.

Not a day will go buy that I won’t eat veggies, either blanched Bok Choi or sautéed spinach. Bacon has become my best friend together with pork rinds for snacks and eating them guilt free its fantastic!

My lifecyckel biohacking kit has arrived, I will write a review after a month of use.

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