Per VLAN IP on Brocade ICX 6110 with Base L3 Capabilities

One of the projects that I am doing at work is set up Brocade ICX 6110 switches to be deployed in our data centers. I have decided once in a while I will be posting some of the things i’ve learned with that project. I’m so used to cisco switch commands to transitioning to brocades was a little bit of a learning curve. I am referring to how they treat trunks and vlans.

In the brocade universe and other vendors, they used tags to define trunks. Trunks on the other hand is defined as etherchannels, its crazy right? Anyway this blog is showing you the difference between creating a vlan and putting a management ip per vlan on a cisco switch and a brocade switch.


conf t
vlan 100
int vlan 100
ip address
int g0/1
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 100


conf t
vlan 100
untagged ethe 1/1/1
router-interface ve 100

int ve 100
ip address

Pretty neat….By the way, we have activated the basic L3 capabilities on that brocade switch or else it won’t be capable of putting IPs per vlan.

two weeks at work

Two weeks into working for a service provider and I fee like I’ve been with the company for months. I am going through so much technology in a span of days and just praying I could get familiar with them all the soonest possible way. At this point, I am against time and my capacity just to take it all in which is something I don’t complain about.

I feel like going back to basics and re-think about my plans to take the CCIE, instead go for something more relevant to what I am doing. In a few days I am thinking of booking my CCNA SPNG1 exam. It would have been nice if it was like all the other tracks wherein if you have your CCNA RS, all you have to take is a single exam and you have your 2nd Associate level cert. Unfortunately, its a different track meaning I have no choice but to take the two exams. Its a good review anyway.

Let me just share the technology I work with:

  • Cisco ASR 1000 series core routers
  • Cisco ME 3400 series switches
  • Cisco’s C170, used to be called Ironport before Cisco bought the company
  • Sonicwall firewall
  • Fortinet firewall
  • Cisco ADSL routers
  • Telstra’s LOLO, LOLS (funny names)
  • AAPT Frontier
  • Brocade ICX 6610 switches
  • Web services such as DNS, Domains
  • Solarwinds Netview
  • Netflow

There are more technologies but at this point I have no access to them yet.

It is really a humbling experience, that’s all I can say. All the more I am realizing that I don’t know a lot.