Job hunt

I have 5 minutes to write this blog. Tuition fee for next semester has doubled meaning I have decided not to enrol and just settle for a Certificate IV in Information Technology in Networking. Besides I already have my CCNA and on my way to getting my CCNP hopefully within the year. I am just concentrating on job hunting. Almost a week since I got back from the Philippines helping out my wife’s family victim of the recent typhoon, all i have been doing is get online to do some job searching. 

Little by little its getting depressing receiving rejection letters. It’s either I do not have the experience or technical skills for the job they are posting. Can’t help but think, my current qualification here in Australia would give me a good paying job back in the Philippines. It’s weird adjusting to that feeling of getting any job you want to not getting the job you want and almost begging for anything that’s available. 

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