What now? How I did CCNP Tshoot

Yeah, tomorrow I will be celebrating my first week since I finally became CCNP. I know I sound cheezy but I don’t care, I am a Cisco Certified Network Professional. 

The reason I wrote this blog is because I’ve always make it a habit to share with you guys the materials, gear or whatever I used to study to achieve the Tshoot exam. I basically took Tshoot after 5 weeks I took my Switch exam. I was really trying to finish everything while things are still fresh in my mind. It was never a plan to hold on for three years then take the next one. 

So basically if you think about it, you can actually drag on your CCNP for the next 9 years since every exam extends your CCNA for another 3 years and you have 3 years to take the next exam. 

Anyway, here’s what I did to study for Tshoot….are you ready?…No much.

Not kidding, because if you’ve done your route and switch, you basically have enough knowledge to pass the exam. Yes you will get a couple of questions regarding PPDIOO, ITIL and stuff like that but even you don’t get them I guess you’ll still have enough points to carry you through.

There were 13 tickets and each ticket you gotta identify the device in question, the technology in question and how you’re going to solve it. 

The cisco topology is available online, cisco expects you to study the topology. Which makes sense, if you are going to troubleshoot something it should be a network you are familiar with or else you’ll send the next few hours getting yourself around the network. 

Unlike the first 2 exams where you do not have the option of a back button, Tshoot allows you to do that. They allow you to click the previous question and abort an entire ticket. 

What I did was looked for that IPv6 ticket in question, logic would tell me if its an IPv6 issue the IPv4 configs are all good. So I go to a ticket, do a ping test one hop after another, once the ping fails I open the config, look for the technology in question, Abort the ticket, go to the IPv6 ticket, open the same device and compare the config there from the previous ticket. It was actually fun. 

Only danger though, moving from one ticket after another I accidentally clicked the done button for that ticket. Clicking done will not give you a confirmation whether you really want to close the ticket. So basically i missed a ticket only answering 12 out of the 13 tickets. Nonetheless I still pass around the 900+s. 

I really do not know what’s next. Definitely I need to finish my Cert 4 in Training and Assessment to give me the quals to really teach. I wanna give cisco a rest and thinking of doing VCP5-DC or MCSA Server 2012. We’ll see…..

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