Initial thoughts on CCDA 640-864

So far I am pleased with how my studies have been going. Going deeper into Cisco’s CCDA track. I am watching again all CBTNuggets videos again, I have seen them last year but was just not paying much attention back then. I have gone through a couple of pages of the Cisco Press book. Honestly, so far it has been looking like a marketing track for me studying different Cisco products out there such as IBNS, TrustSec, MediaNet etc.

I think I was a little idealistic hoping this track would be delve more into the design aspect of the network and less of cisco’s products and technology. What was I thinking, its cisco of course they’ll be pushing alot of their technologies into the course. Nonetheless, I still learned a lot in terms of the Enterprise Campus design and project management aspect of building a network.

Familiar topics such as PPDIOO, IPv4, IPv6, spanning-tree particularly emphasis on the use of PV +RSTP and of course your IGPs such as OSPF and EIGRP. Yeah they have touched on BGP and ISIS.

I maybe shooting for the stars but I am hoping to get this exam by the end of the month. hopefully but we’ll see. We are currently one engineer short in Provisioning at work, so logically I should have more provisioning tasks within the month.

For those who are interested what have I been using for my CCDA studies, they are as follows:

  • CCDA training from CBTNuggets by Anthony Sequeira
  • CCDA Cisco Press Anthony Bruno, Steve Jordan (heavy reading TBH)

For labs, uhm I think I will just stick with GNS3 as I do not have enough gear to do VOIP labs.

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