CCDP achieved!!!

ccdp_design_largeTo be honest, the Arch exam 642-874 is probably one of the easiest exams I have taken. It wasn’t as brutal as CCDA where you had to memorize a number of things which made the exam look like a marketing exam for Cisco in terms of familiarizing yourself with their products.

Maybe I get to say this because I am working for an ISP and most of the questions they ask were the technology that I work with on a day to day basis such as VRF, fibre, Nexus, data center design etc.

Funny story, I wasn’t supposed to take this exam until end of this month. But last week I was looking around the Pearsonvue website thinking of moving it further and noticed that the testing center where I am going to take the exam had an available slot the very next day.

Silly me, told myself “well this might just be a glitch, 1. They don’t usually have a schedule on a Monday, it is usually between tue to thur 2. There should be a 24 hour notice before you can cancel or book an exam. So I clicked around trying to book the exam the next day which I thought was impossible or I was expecting it would give an error message. Well it went through so I had to no choice but to sit the exam in less than 15hours. My mind went over drive trying to go through all of CBTNuggets vids.

Got to the testing center the next day. They told me that they normally don’t accept candidate on Mondays and they only opened that slot Sunday evening for an internal employee. No one expected that someone would be online the night before and actually book an exam.

So sat the exam, I thought the questions were surprisingly easy. I had to intentionally slow down because I don’t want to experience what happened with my BCNE exam where I received an email from Brocade questioning how I was able to finish the exam that quick with good results.

My Cisco certs are now extended for another fresh three years and I have totally no more excuse but to go after my CCIE number 🙂

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