Random stuff

This blog has nothing to do with technology, just whining stuff. Yesterday I did post something about my vmware lab. I was so excited to set everything up only to find out I am having issues with ESXi. I currently have 4 nics + 1 on-board nic on my server. Of all the nics, only the on-board one can be detected by ESXi.

I’ve searched the web for possible solutions, apparently vmware stopped support to some NIC cards. I do not know if this has something to do with discouraging people from setting up labs on a cheap. I am just frustrated. I’ve tried doing a customized install using the exsi customizer with the vibs of my NICs, that did not work. I am basically stuck with my single NIC card. I would have to wait it out til monday once I get back to school and maybe someone might have a solution.

Meanwhile, I am stressing out over this other Certification I have to finish for work. Nothing to do with technology just something I need to do for work. Its supposed to be an easy Cert but its just darn paper work. All I have to do is put my time into it (which is something scarce at the moment). I have to finish 10 workbooks and I am still on book 1, hoping to have everything done in a few weeks.

I have always wished that a weekend would come and all I have to ever think about is how to spend it with my family and my backyard. Lately it has been, how to finish everything I have to finish as soon as possible.

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