2014 year end review

I forgot to greet my readers…Merry Christmas and a Happy new year where ever you are in the world. It has been an amazing year for me and this blog site. Its amazing how people get to stumble upon my simple blog site via some search engine and go through some of the labs I have set up. The blog site that started as a simple journal to CCNA, CCNP and who knows maybe if all goes well, I will buckle up for the CCIE and get my number.

WordPress has done an amazing job letting me know my stats and where people are access my site from. That’s why I know you can read this:) A lot has happened to my journey in network in 2014, completed my CCNP R&S and my VCA-DCV. Started teaching at TAFE Brisbane which as a huge break and maybe starting 2015 with a new company. I also had the opportunity to work with HP, Bank of Queensland and Downer group doing contract work deploying new machines and providing support. Being with HP I guess paved the way for more opportunities to get noticed with my applications. The last two months was a season of going through a number of job interviews. offers and missed opportunities.

I was able to do a couple of instructional videos in youtube on cisco but so far only did beginner’s course in Filipino language. I figured there’s a lot of instructional videos out there in english and I had a get a niche.

This year I also tasted my first failed certification, in Brocade. I will resit that exam sometime february assuming schedule would allow me.

My plans for 2015 would include,

  • get my MCSA Server 2012r2, ITIL and Brocade certs
  • get my consulting firm up and running
  • be amazing and learn more and find a mentor/s to help me advance my skills

Yes, there is a huge possibility I will leave teaching. I felt like I hit a wall and its time to move on to the next adventure. But whatever happens this blog site will continue, will continue to share my insights, experiences and whatever labs that I might build at home.

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