Distaste for Chicken

This is good, I’ve pumped out 3 blogs in a single day. Bad part is I have scheduled myself to do some work related stuff over the weekend that I didn’t get myself to do. The internal battle of sharing something on my health journey won so here it is.

Sitting at 103Kgs for a week now. Still ahead of my 1Kg/wk loss plan by 2Kgs but at this weight hanging on now for a week, there was a moment I am starting to get worried until I heard this amazing line mentioned in the podcast:

“There is no limits, only moments of plateau”

I just have to stay on this one and eventually the body would just give in and let it all go. Still steady on the daily routine of bulletproof coffee in the morning and first meal but lunch time. I am starting to realise something, my distaste for chicken is getting stronger. At lunch time I cooked a whole organic chicken as a Korean soup dish. Simple dish of just stuffing a whole chicken with a bag of herbs and soaked glutenous rice and that was it. Ate a bunch of book-Choy throughout the afternoon and ate within the 6-hour window.

It felt like I was force feeding myself of eating what I cooked which I wouldn’t normally do. I have been becoming very observant with what I am thinking about food. Noticing that I am still eating food out of habit and not really out of hunger for most of the time. Last night I had the option not to eat dinner after 6pm but my wife said to think about it as I might go hungry later that night so I did. It was a clean meal with kale and cauliflower rice.

After the meal, I started thinking what would’ve happened if I just didn’t eat. This afternoon I have been contemplating with the idea of fasting for 24hrs. I have done typically 18-20hrs but have not attempted a full 24hr. I am actually planning of doing it tomorrow during my 5:2 day as it would be the perfect day for it.

Went to the chemist as well and bought myself Krill Oil supplements on add on to my arsenal. Also MCT, gosh they’ve increased their price from $26 to $29. I am waiting on my bio hacker kit to arrive from Lyfcycle of mushroom extracts. Also waiting for my Yerba mate tea bags in the mail.

I am however excited about the Qualia Mind stack that my daughter will be getting for me. I have so many things I really want to try out in this biohacking season of my life.

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