Home stretch

I am a couple of weeks away from my CCIE lab attempt, I have neglected a couple of things as I have placed all energy and priority towards this exam. The obvious is I just lost my runningconfig.com domain. I knew if i don’t act on it, someone’s going to take it off me. darn that was a good domain name to have but oh well what can you do.

I think I have pretty much covered a lot of ground as far as the blueprint is concern. Just doing a couple of tweaks here and there and customize a couple of labs. INE workbooks have been a huge resource learning a number of those advanced topics. Almost everyday I get to re-watch the videos just to touch up on things that I might have missed during the previous time I’ve seen it.

Almost everyday I average 3 hours labbing up something either practicing a technology I am not yet mastered or just trying out how certain scenarios would play out. Most nights I would just go to bed defeated getting stuck into a lab that wasn’t behaving as I intend to make it behave.

I started out this journey with the question of even the possibility of passing this beast, but i think now the challenge is passing this exam on my on my first take. I am currently 8/8 for Cisco exams which would include the CCIE written. Funny enough I am actually 2/3 on Brocade and 1/1 on VMWare. The last exam I took was almost 18 months ago. I am definitely on after burners.

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