Grateful to whatever is left…for now

First weekend in Brisbane in this new normal as the rest of the world wrestles to deal with this pandemic. At the time of writing it has been reported there’s more than 276.460+ covid-19 cases around the world with 11,417+ deaths.

Back in the Philippines (PH), there’s more enhanced lockdowns as more cases are being reported. Here in Australia, its borders just closed indefinitely for all non-citizen and non-resident. This means assuming that the PH lifts  this lockdown in Luzon, my folks won’t likely to get here sooner until our border here allows tourist travels once again.

Meanwhile in the US, staggering number of confirmed covid-19 cases are pouring in. If everyone there don’t act quickly, it may look like another Italy.

Social distancing has increased here in Australia allowing for atleast 4 square meter distancing. This prompted the church I attend to, to have all its services online instead. On the bright side, my wife and I went to get groceries and there weren’t much people out and about. There’s now a good supply of toilet paper and meat unlike the last few weeks. There’s also now a set limit to the number of item a person could pick up on some of the items.

We have Phil (our gardener) at the back tending to our lawn, once he’s done we would be able to move around freely at the backyard. Heavy rains from a few weeks ago, grew weeds in our backyard making it too hard to roam around.

For now, I am grateful that I still live in a country where you can still get out of your house to freely roam around for essential things like grocery, go for a run, hike, stroll around as long as you practice the required social distance. I am grateful I live in a house that has enough land area that in the event (hopefully it won’t get to that) we won’t have the freedom to go out the street for anything, we have enough room to move around.

A recession is almost certain to happen, my wife just lost her job, I am uncertain how our company will do once all these is over. It will eventually be over and its all a matter of time but as well as everyone’s tolerance surviving throughout this health crisis.

I choose to be grateful. With things changing every minute, the reality is, whatever we currently enjoy or have can be taken away from us.


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