Enjoying freedom to roam or what’s left of it…

It is 10:26pm Sunday Queensland, world tally in a nutshell:

315K+ total Coronavirus cases

13.5K+ Deaths

95K+ Recovered

Looking at the stats around the world, its like a grim version of the gold medal stats during the Olympics. Instead of medal counts per country, its comparing the total number of cases. Yesterday, USA had gone up to rank 3 from the most number of cases for the day however today it has moved down and Spain took over again because of the additional 3K+ new cases and 344 new recorded deaths.

Meantime here at home, meaning Australia. Starting noon tomorrow Monday all licensed pubs, clubs, cinemas, place of worship with be closed for atleast 6-months. Domestic travel is now being discouraged, New South Whales and Victoria will go on lockdown within 48hrs while South and Western Australia will close off its borders and will require a 14-day quarantine to all domestic visitors crossing the border. Unless something changes, we should expect this to be in place atleast within 6-months.

I was at Kangaroo Point this late afternoon with my lovely wife, it is this amazing strip in Brisbane overlooking the Brisbane River and CBD. There you can still see a lot of friends and families going about their usual weekend stroll and mostly not following the recommended social distancing measures.

I was just thinking, it may either come to a point where force would be use to convince people to follow or have a personal experience with the virus either themselves or a loved one. At the same time, I reflect on the possibility that even a simple stroll in the park will be taken away from all of us just to taper the spread of this virus.


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