Keto and biohacking

The title should give it away…

Let me start off with the date of 17 August 2020, Monday. The day started off with a weird headache and after coming back for a quick lunch, I started to feel weird, hands sweating, a slight headache but nothing I could not handle. Looking at my smart watch, my heart rate was at 100+ at rest. It was until one of my colleague started to notice my hands are swollen to the point that I barely made a fist of them.

I immediately rushed home, strapped in my blood pressure monitor and there it displayed as I watch in horror the output 190/118. The highest blood pressure I’ve recorded so far. Thinking it might just be a once off, I tried again and it was still shooting at 185/110. I started to panic and called my wife. I started asking myself “am I in the middle of a stroke or heart attack?”. I rushed home while I went and called my GP, who advised I take another those of my hypertension meds and observe if my BP would go down. It did go down but not low enough to calm me down. A few more hours, it went all the way down to an acceptable 165/110, still relatively high but I’m out of the hypertension crisis level.

The next day, I went on sick leave and saw my GP. Stood on the weighing scale to realise I have a broken scale at home. Before I left I weighted in at 104Kgs, the scale in the clinic showed I was actually at 109Kgs, 5Kgs heavier than I thought. It was also the heaviest I’ve been in as far as recorded weight is concern. I have hit the lowest of the low when it came to my health and my GP has seriously warned me if I don’t take this seriously, I might get a heart attack or stroke within 5 years.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation but it has never hit me like this before. I looked at my records and results from my previous visits and I’ve just gone from bad to worst and the best weight I’ve had recorded was at 92Kgs back in 2016. Reflecting what I did back then to make my weight go all the way down to 92Kgs and remembered it was the time I was doing the 5:2 regimen that my GP recommended to me.

The 5:2 is a type of diet where I choose 2 days in a week of my choice, I have to lower my food consumption to 600 Kcal. This in effect got me into ketosis or fat burning mode. Back then I was really losing the Kgs from 104 down to 92 in just a matter of weeks.

I decided to give that a go again this time, but I guess what will make this attempt different from back then is now I’ve also will be including some biohacking where now I am more bold in trying out protocols and supplements to get me in order. My goal is to lose 1Kg/week with the hope of shredding 20Kgs by the end of Feb 2021.

In saying that I will be devouting now a portion of my website in sharing my journey sharing everything that I’ve learned and will be learning. Putting into action everything that I’ve research from all the books I’ve read. At the time of writing I am close to losing my first 5Kg after just 2 weeks in a 5:2/Keto protocol. Let’s just say I’ve gone hardcore in my first 2 weeks.

This is also to say it hasn’t been easy considering that maybe one of the side effects is being still wide awake at close to midnight writing this blog, I am not sure if my brain has just gone overdrive or side effects of being in deep keto is losing sleep but we’ll see in the next few days.

So far last night I’ve learned the hard way that once I’ve got my body to get used to the low carb diet, I sneaked in a couple of ButterMilk chicken popcorn from Red Roaster, oh boy did I pay the price! My body did not like it and I became a temporary resident of my own toilet of the night. It was bad. Huge lesson learnt!

I will be sharing all the books that I’ve read and how I’ve applied them so far. I should’ve started this earlier as I’ve captured the hanger pangs when I was starting but now I’m on day 3 of my 5:2 so far those hanger pangs have been under control. In fact, I’ve set a personal record for the longest fast today at 20hrs before my first meal today. Hitting my goal of 600Kcal and fasted for 20hrs is a personal milestone for me as I’ve proven to myself that I can do anything if I put my mind into it.

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